The Carson Advantage

Carson Companies is a long-term owner of industrial real estate ideally suited for the logistics, distribution and supply chain management business. The Company has in-house development, leasing, portfolio and asset management, property management and construction supervision expertise and can work with tenants to develop and renovate a facility to modern specifications. Carson Companies develops and owns state-of-the-art buildings ideally suited for image conscious companies focused on supply chain management.

Institutional Investors

Carson Companies has received and invested in excess of $600 million from institutional investors, pension plans and life insurance companies, in the formation of investment partnerships. These institutional investors have joined with the Company to invest in quality industrial property in southern California and Houston, Texas and New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Company typically invests with low or no leverage and holds quality assets long-term in order to generate and manage cash flow. Critical to Carson Companies is the ability to co-invest its own capital alongside its institutional partners. The Company is primarily an investment firm with a desire to invest its own capital and grow its portfolio. By partnering with institutional investors Carson Companies can augment its investing activity and diversify its portfolio. All the institutional partnerships formed by Carson Companies have had some component of development. The Company’s development capability allows it to invest at all points in an investment cycle. It also provides a real time window into replacement cost. The Company is a patient and disciplined Investor. Carson Companies focuses on sustainable cash flow as it allocates capital and diversifies portfolios. However, on occasion, the Company will sell and has done so with the sale of $146 million of industrial property, realizing IRR’s ranging from 18% to 57%. Critical to institutional investors is reporting to its investment partners. Carson Companies has the ability to provide the reports required by its partners in an informative and timely manner.

Investment Criteria

Carson Companies acquires or develops high-quality distribution buildings in its primary investment markets of southern California, Houston, Texas, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The presence of large and growing populations, a major seaport, and an international airport characterize these markets, which are critical demand drivers for industrial building users.

Target Markets

  • Southern California, the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside
  • Houston, Texas
  • New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Transaction Size

  • Minimum of $5,000,000 up to portfolios of $ 300,000,000

Physical Considerations of Existing Property

  • At or below replacement cost
  • Minimum clear height of 24’
  • Maximum office finish of 15%
  • Single or multi-tenant design
  • Minimum building size of;
    • 50,000 sf in southern California,
    • 25,000 sf in Houston, TX,
    • 50,000 sf in New Jersey and Philadelphia.
  • Buildings constructed after 1996
  • Tilt-wall construction preferred
  • ESFR preferred

Land for Development

  • Land for building a minimum;
    • 50,000 sf building in southern California,
    • 25,000 sf building in Houston,
    • 50,000 sf building in New Jersey and Philadelphia.
  • Zoned for industrial with entitlements easily achieved
  • 5–100 acres

Transaction Structures

  • Generally, fee-simple ownership, but will consider ventures

Capital / Financing

  • Carson Companies will close all cash